Ladislav Kocbach

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Name        : Ladislav Kocbach 
Position    : Professor   
Phone       : +47 55 58 28 70 
Fax         : +47 55 58 94 40                           
e-mail      :

Atomic Physics at the Theoretical Physics Section at the Department of Physics at the University of Bergen

For the students in Bergen:
FYS 287: Atomic Physics and Quantum Optics
FYS 208 Solid State Course
Animated wavefunctions, computer courses ...
Research Interests (a bit old)
Links to Things..a bit old...
...... and other information (publications...) Theses 1972-2001
Denton proceedings paper       UV-radiation T-shirt paper       "Matlab in Physics Teaching"-page
Octave under cygwin fully in X11
Another intuitive teaching idea:
2006: Equal Opportunity Game: The original disappeared.
2008: Programming Toy: Concordle , a not so pretty cousin of Wordle
Concordle also lives here: It is a toy - simple concordancer.
It is a really Open Source stuff, see here:

Lene Sælen page

Updated January 12th, 2006 and a link added October 1st, 2008