Tau-p gatherInitial PSI-gather (depth -ray parameter map)

True PSI-gatherReconstructed PSI-gather

Fig, 1.    PSI -criterion in action:
from left to right (from top to bottom) :
1.  tau-p gather (P-primaries are given,  generated with reflectivity codes under the true well-log,  and source wavelet is of 50 Hz,   2 ms sampling );  2. PSI-gather(depth images  which correspond to each and every trace of the tau-p gather when the kinematic model is chosen )  with the initial kinematic model (pink line on the Fig.2): 3. PSI-gather with the true kinematic model (red line on the Fig.2);  4. PSI-gather with reconstructed kinematic model (blue curve on the Fig.2 ).

P-P kinematic recovery

Fig, 2.    PSI -criterion in action:  P-velocity   reconstruction  with no apriori information.
Red  line represens the 'true'  well log,  pink line stands for the initial model,blue curve shows the results of iterations. The first jump corresponds to the steepest descent of the PSI-criterion