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S D e c   &  M S v E

Testing SDec & MSvE in a fully automatic mode
with  real marine data (deep-sea case). No apriori info.

Real marine data, deep-sea case, COG: offset= 714 m All of multiples, including intrabed reverberations, are eliminated
 Common offset gather. INPUT.

The  offset is 714 m,  [T] = [ sec], [L] = [km]. 
The [L]-scale is chosen intentionally:  under this scaling  the locations of  intrabed multiples (sea-bottom  -  basalt)  inside the group of primaries are well-identified through the group of the first water-layer reverberation (after 3.5 sec).  It allows one to evaluate visually the quality of multiple suppression : see the next page "DECODING of multiples"

Common offset gather. OUTPUT.

Multiples are eliminated in the space-time domain directly, without an intermediate p-tau transform. Note, that the diffraction curves (primaries), which were superimposed on intrabed multiples ,  are saved, while intrabeds themselves (below basalt)  are successfully eliminated  - moreover it concerns the water-layer reverberations after 3.5 sec .  The result of  the "trace-by-trace" processing  testifies for a  fairly good robustness of the approach.

Please, click on the images to enlarge those:

Offset 214 m. INPUTOffset 214 m. OUTPUT a.  Offset 1339 m. INPUT.Offset 1339 m. OUTPUT. b. Offset 1839 m. INPUTOffset 1839 m. OUTPUT c.
Common offset gathers.
Offsets are :  a. 214 m;  b. 1339 m;  c. 1839 m.


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"Entities are not to be multiplied beyond necessity."

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DECODING of multiples DECODING of multiples

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