Self-esteem: I'm not so sluggish as it 
looks like...
  The flag of Russia: to define my citizenship
Gennady A. Ryzhikov


The flag of Bergen
The flag of Norway
Home Address :  Vestre Vadmyra 35, 
5172 Bergen-Loddefjord, Norway
 Thanks for visting me ! to my home page.   I am a Senior research scientist,
 having been staying at  the University of Bergen.
  Alma Mater:  Institute of Physics of the Saint-Petersburg State University.
 There are links to my résumé  my résumé   and a few recent PDF- or ps.gz-files  papers here  hopefully, not just of my interest.

Fields of interest and some links:

St. Petersburg Online  St. Petersburg: live camera

Other sites and pages of interest all-around the Earth and beyond 

Please contact me Please, do not hesitate: I do mean it!  if you like to discuss something in my fields of interest.  Bye!
CU !
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