by Ladislav Kocbach

This text is dated March 24th, 1995, work started November 26th 1994. All has been rebuilt many times because of the strange strange architecture....

Link directly to the work for the IMPATIENT

This is a developement work on the use of images of formulae with links to sub-formulae and individual symbols. If your browser does not support images and forms, please leave this document. It is concerned with images and forms and with browser not supporting them you can only get confused.

Thanks for hints to the author's son, student of Physics at this Department, Jan Kocbach

and to our Computer Specialist and Webmaster, Erling Andersen

The work owes much to Jan's work at Jan Kocbach, from his work with orienteering maps (look here) . The first real world example is the link to 'Quantum Mechanics'.

In this work I look at Probability Density and Probability Density Current, as I need it e.g. for my documentations for the ATOMIC MOVIES. The whole presentation is a single HTML document, where we move arround by the help of the imagemap facility and other usual tools. Consequently, both preparation of the document and it's use are much simplified. As I see it, this is a great improvement as compared with the demonstrations on the WWW NCSA Mosaic Imagemap, where only examples of links to other documents are shown.

In this document you will also find a link to the demonstration of methods developed by my son, Jan Kocbach. These respond about five times faster than the imagemap method. I am also trying to adopt his method to my testing referenced above.

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