Stockholm Course

Computer Lab on Atomic Collisions

During the period March 7th to 10th, 1995 we have conducted a Computer Lab on Atomic Collisions at the University of Stockholm, a collaboration between people at the Manne Siegbahn Laboratory in Stckholm and Department of Physics in Bergen.

The tasks for the course are based on a NORDPLUS Course run in Bergen in 1993.

A full description of the tasks and some necessary theory are prepared as hypertext documents.

The students in Stockholm were assisted by local instructors, but they were also able to use "talk" and "mail" to communicate with the Bergen author.

Further, since we open the computer resources to each other, the Bergen teacher had a possibility to watch the students at work and gradually improve the material.

The present version (which will hopefully be further improved), can be inspected through the link below:


The programs referred in the courses run on local machines. Ask about links and availability