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Activity in 1994

During the last decade, this research has been carried out by three workers, Prof. Johannes Mathias Hansteen, Prof. Ladislav Kocbach, and Senior Research Fellow Jan Petter Hansen, with varying number of research students and visitors.

In general, the present activity is concerned with studies of various aspects of ion-atom collisions, including inner shell ionization in asymmetric collisions (relativistic effects, role of target-projectile repulsion, etc.) and various processes in slow collisions (electron transfer, excitation).

The theoretical work is based both on analytical techniques and extensive use of computers to obtain numerical results. A large number of computer codes have been developed during the years, most recently a general two-centre expansion code for coupled channel calculations applicable to many different collisional regimes. In recent years much effort has been devoted to developement of techniques to visualize the dynamics of electronic motion in collisions using interactive computer graphics, in particular using computer animations of the electronic densities and probability density currents.

During 1994 we have worked mostly on preparation of new tabulation of universal functions for inner shell ionization (revision of a work originally published in 1975) and on developemnt of new methods for slow collision code, using computer algebra. With visitors from Stockholm university we have investigated the processes going on in 64-times ionized Uranium during the passage through matter. During his visit, Dr. Nikolai R. Toivonen of Petrazavodsk University worked with the members of the group on a larger text on quasimolecular states relevant for the analysis of slow collisions.

We have also experimented with the use of the hypertext system related to the World Wide Web, both for teaching purposes and for documentation. Much information about our current activities can be found at the WWW address

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