Educational and Visualisation Programs developed in Bergen


Most of the programs below have a long history. They are codes often originally written in basic for the Atari-ST, then translated to FORTRAN or C and moved to PC (MS-DOS) or workstations. Some were also originally developed for Macintosh.
In most cases, the programs are tools for a teacher or an instructor. They are not written as "Applications", rather as viewers or tools.

In general, these codes are a useful resource which can be further used in developement of applications.

Bitmap viewers

MS-DOS ( Turbo C BGI)
Sun Sparcstation

Trajectory Viewers

Sun Sparcstation (several versions) C, pixrect library, SunView
X11 - Motif
MS-DOS graphics

Golden Rule Simulator

FORTRAN program using CGI graphics (has been rewritten, CGI obsolete) Sun Sparcstation
C-program using RISGS on MS-DOS, MacOS, X-windows (Xlib)
This program solves the Schršdinger equation for a model problem, related to Fermi's Golden Rule

Interacting Harmonic Oscillators.

FORTRAN programs produce data-files (E.Svinsaas Thesis) ( X11-Motif graphics, MS-DOS graphics ; Both viewing programs show the same data files) This program displays results of calculations, animates line Drawings

Schršdingers Toy

Macintosh Interactive program,
Schroedinger Equation,
Bound States,
Resonances This program is an Essay on Interactive Computational Physics; Numerics, Graphics, Teaching Philosophy


MS-DOS ( Turbo C BGI);
Sun Sparcstation(several versions) pixrect library,
Atari ST ( GfA Basic)
Drawings of Dipole and other angular shapes

Scanning Published data (Convert scanned pictures to numerical data)

Atari(Scanning via SPAT scanner);
Motif+X11 (Scanning via PC, MS-DOS, *.tif files)

Image processing, edge detection

Demonstration programs
Tool for IFE
(Multifractal studies, Edge detection)

Wave motion

(Showing wave motion as correlated oscillations) (Atari ST)

Solid State:

Energy bands and Bloch-like states from diagonalization
FORTRAN program using CGI graphics (must be rewritten, CGI obsolete)
Sun Sparcstation

Fermi Distribution

Atari ST ( GfA Basic)

Solid State: Kronig-Peney Model

Atari ST ( GfA Basic)

BAM: Neural Networks Demonstrations

Binary Associative Memory
Teaching the BAM bit-mapped symbols
Atari ST ( GfA Basic)

Kohonen Feature Map: Neural Networks Demonstrations

Sun Sparcstation, SunView (obsolete)
X11 - Motif..... with interactive change of parameters

Programming Packages

(commercial software)
Mathematica  	on  the NeXT-station
REDUCE		on  the HP-9000/720
FAMULUS		on  the MS-DOS 
       (Mathematical and Simulation Package from Czech Republic;  
       Applications from Prague Technical University)
PhysicsWorld	on the NeXT-station	
       Simulation Package (Public Domain) 

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