Atomic Physics Computer Laboratory

During the years 1989-1992 we have built up a Computer Laboratory, containing a collection of a very broad range of different computers.

This makes it possible to use each of the systems for the tasks where they are most efficient, and, perhaps even more important is the possibility to communicate with colleagues who have chosen exlusively a single type of hardware.

Golden Rule Simulator

Visualization of Atomic Collisions


A map of the main resources of our Computer Laboratory can be found here (equipment) and a map of older equipment here (Video, TV, etc)


Some time ago (spring 1993), with the assistence of Nikolai R. Toivonen and Sturle Drageset, we have organized a NORDPLUS course in computational atomic physics. Parts of it were used more recently (1995) in a course run at MSL Stockholm.


A list of presently working programs can be found in here (Some have to be re-built in the near future; e.g. the CGI graphics on Sun). Many of these I use in the courses on Solid state physics and on Atomic physics.

Visualization of Atomic Collisions

Atomic Physics in Bergen

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