How to use xedit (xedit)

How to use xedit

Xedit is a standard simple text editor on the X-windows systems. It is not as powerful as the vi program, but it is very simple to use for small jobs. Here follow the simplest instructions. More can be learnt by " man xedit ".

In this course you can use xed

Example of a call:
                    xedit filnam.txt &

where the sign "&" enables you to continue with your work 
in the original window. 


  Quit    Quits the current editing session. 
          If any changes have not been saved, xedit displays 
          a warning message, allowing the user to save the file.

  Save    On Save, xedit overwrites the file with the contents 
          of the edit window.  The filename is taken from the 
          field directly to the right of the Load button.

  Load    Loads the file named in the field immediately to 
          the right of the Load button and displays it in the 
          Edit window.  If the currently displayed file has been 
          modified a warning message will ask the user to save 
          the changes, or press Load again.

Removing text:   CTRL-w
          Mark the text part by mouse. Press  CTRL-w (Contrl-w). 
          The text is removed and kept in a hidden buffer.

Pasting:         CTRL-y
          The text from the delete buffer can be placed anywhere 
          by placing the cursor and pressing CTRL-y
Copy and Paste:   (middle mouse-button)
          X-windows standard pasting: mark the text (left button), 
          place the cursor and press the middle button

Saving to a new file:
           write the name to the field immediately to the right 
           of Load. Press the Save button