Task 1. Description

Task 1. Description

1.Using program gbind prepare plots of the following matrix elements:
<1s|G(R)|1s> , <1s|G(R)|2s>

2.Using the ability of gnuplot to plot analytic functions, find a
gaussian ( exp(-a*r*r) ),
which fits well the shape of the functions G(R).

3. Study the matrix elements of
What is the difference in shape? Can this be represented by Gaussians? What is the asymptotic behaviour (for large L) of these functions.

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Task 2 and 3

The function <1s|G(R)|2p> is obtained by the input
ni li nf lf  L
1  0  2   0  0
The function <2p|G2(R)|2p>is obtained by the input
ni li nf lf  L 
2  1  2  1   2