How to use nedit (nedit)

How to use nedit

Nedit is a good text editor on the X-windows systems. It is very simple to use for any type of jobs. Here follow the simplest instructions.

Nedit is intuitive. There are menus for everything.

To simplify calling, in this course you can use ned

Example of a call:
                    ned filnam.txt 

You can continue with your work 
in the original window, ned becomes a new one. 

ADVICE:   Avoid having too many ned calls. They are big.
          Rather, use the file menu to open new windows
          of the same ned program


  Quit    on the file menu.

  Save    on the file menu. You can also use save as....
  Load    Loads the file chosen by the selector. Directories
          to the left.

Removing text: Mark the text part by mouse. 
          Press backspace or delete. Or, use the edit menu. 
          The text is removed and kept in a hidden buffer.

Pasting:  Edit menu.

Saving to a new file:  on the file menu. Use save as....

Copying by mouse:  Mark a text. Place the mouse where you want to
         copy the text, THEN press the MIDDLE button.
         This is different from normal system copying,
         where you can click the middle button with mouse anywhere.
         PRACTICE THIS!!!

Line number: Preferences menu: click on "Statistics line". 
         Then you always see which file, which line number,
         how big is the file.