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There are many MATLAB features which cannot be included in these introductory notes. Listed below are some of the MATLAB functions and operators available, grouped by subject area. Use the on-line help facility or consult the User's Guide for more detailed information on the functions.

There are many functions beyond these. There exist, in particular, several ``toolboxes'' of functions for specific areas; included among such are signal processing, control systems, robust-control, system identification, optimization, splines, chemometrics, -analysis and synthesis, state-space identification, and neural networks The toolboxes, which are optional, may not be installed on your system.. These can be explored via the command help.

$$ #&#& #&# Relational and Logical Operators < & less than & && and <= & less than or equal & $|$ & or > & greater than & $& not >= & greater than or equal && == & equal && $= & not equal && $$

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