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Matrix functions

Much of MATLAB's power comes from its matrix functions. The most useful ones are

 eig         eigenvalues and eigenvectors  
 chol        cholesky factorization  
 svd         singular value decomposition  
 inv         inverse  
 lu          LU factorization  
 qr          QR factorization  
 hess        hessenberg form  
 schur       schur decomposition  
 rref        reduced row echelon form  
 expm        matrix exponential  
 sqrtm       matrix square root  
 poly        characteristic polynomial  
 det         determinant  
 size        size  
 norm        1-norm, 2-norm, F-norm, infinity-norm  
 cond        condition number in the 2-norm  
 rank        rank
MATLAB functions may have single or multiple output arguments. For example,

  y = eig(A)     or simply      eig(A)
produces a column vector containing the eigenvalues of A while
[U,D] = eig(A)
produces a matrix U whose columns are the eigenvectors of A and a diagonal matrix D with the eigenvalues of A on its diagonal. Try it.

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