wall(1)								      wall(1)

  wall - Sends a message to all users


  wall [file]


  The wall command reads from standard input until you press the End-of-File
  key sequence, or takes its input from the contents of file if you specify
  it, and sends the input as a message to all users who are logged in.	The
  message is preceded by the heading:

       Broadcast Message from user@node (tty) at hh:mm

  where user is the user invoking wall, node and tty are the node and termi-
  nal of that user, and hh:mm is the time of the message.

  To override any protections other users have set up, you must be operating
  with superuser authority.  Typically, the root user uses wall to warn all
  users of an impending system shutdown.

  The wall command sends messages to the local node only.


  /dev/tty* To suspend error messages.


  Commands:  mesg(1), su(1), talk(1), write(1).