size(1)								      size(1)


  size - prints the section size of an object file


  size [-o -d -x -A -B -V] [ file1 ... fileN ]


  The size command prints information about the text, rdata, data, sdata, bss
  and sbss sections of each file.  The file can be an object or an archive.
  If you don't specify a file, size uses a.out as the default.

  The -o, -x, and -d options print the size in octal, hexadecimal, and
  decimal, respectively.

  The -A option specifies AT&T System V-style output, which dumps the headers
  of each section.

  The -B option specifies Berkeley (4.3BSD)-style output, which is the
  default for DEC OSF/1 systems. This output prints size information for each
  section, regardless of whether the file exists, and prints the total in
  hexadecimal and decimal formats.

  The -V option prints the version of size that you're using.


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