rwall(1)							     rwall(1)


  rwall - Write to all users over a network


  /usr/sbin/rwall hostname ...	/usr/sbin/rwall -n netgroup ...
  /usr/sbin/rwall -h hostname -n netgroup


  -n netgroup
      Send the broadcast message to the specified network groups.

  -h hostname
      Specify the hostname, the name of the host.


  The rwall command reads a message from standard input until end-of-file.
  It then sends the following message to all users logged in on the specified
  host machines, preceded by the line:

       Broadcast Message ...

  With the -n flag, it sends to the specified network groups.

  Note, the timeout is fairly short to allow transmission to a large group of
  machines (some of which may be down) in a reasonable amount of time.	Thus
  the message may not get through to a heavily loaded machine.

  A remote host only responds if it is running the rwalld daemon, which is
  normally started up from inetd(8).


  Commands: inetd(8), rwalld(8)