rmdel(1)							     rmdel(1)

  rmdel - Removes a delta from a Source Code Control System (SCCS) file


  rmdel -rSID file ...	| -

  The rmdel command removes the delta specified by SID from each named SCCS


      Removes the delta SID from the SCCS file.	 This flag is required.


  You can remove only the most recently created delta in a branch, or the
  latest trunk delta if it has no branches.  In addition, the SID you specify
  must not be a version currently being edited for the purpose of making a
  delta.  To remove a delta, you must either own the SCCS file and the direc-
  tory, or you must be the user who created the delta you want to remove.

  If you specify a directory in place of file, rmdel performs the requested
  actions on all SCCS files (those with filenames that have the s.prefix).
  If you specify a - (dash) in place of file, rmdel reads standard input, and
  interprets each line as the name of an SCCS file.  The rmdel command con-
  tinues to take input until it reads an End-of-File character.


  To remove delta 1.3 from the SCCS file s.test.c, enter:

       rmdel -r1.3 s.test.c


  The rmdel command returns the following exit values:

    +  0       Successful completion

    +  >0      An error occurred


  Commands:  admin(1), cdc(1), comb(1), delta(1), get(1), prs(1), rmdel(1),
  sact(1), sccsdiff(1), sccshelp(1), unget(1), val(1), what(1).

  Files:  sccsfile(4).