ranlib(1)							    ranlib(1)

  ranlib - Converts archives to random libraries


  ranlib [-t] archive ...

  The ranlib command converts each archive file archive to a format that
  enables fast, random access by the linker.


  -t  Touches the named archives without modifying them.


  If you specify the -t flag, the ranlib command only touches the archives
  and does not modify them.  This is useful after copying an archive or using
  make with the -t flag in order to avoid having ld display an error message
  about an out-of-date symbol table.

  The ranlib command is included for compatibility only.  It is a shell
  script that invokes the ar command with the appropriate flags (ar -qs for
  ranlib with no flags, and ar -h for ranlib -t).


  To convert the archive file genlib.a, enter:

       ranlib genlib.a


  Commands: ar(1), lorder(1), make(1).

  The as, gcc (cc), gdb, and ld commands may be available on your system, but
  are not provided with OSF/1.