chgrp(1)							     chgrp(1)


  chgrp - Changes the group ownership of a file or directory


  chgrp [-fhR] group file

  The chgrp command changes the group associated with the specified file or
  directory to group.


  -f  Suppresses all error reporting.

  -h  If file is a symbolic link, chgrp -h file changes the group of the sym-
      bolic link. chgrp file changes the group of the file referenced by the
      symbolic link.

  -R  Causes chgrp to descend recursively through its directory arguments,
      setting the specified group ID.


  If you do not own the file and do not belong to the new group, you must
  have superuser authority to change the group name or group ID.

  The group argument must be either a valid group name or a valid group ID
  that exists in the group database.


  To change the group ownership of the file or directory named proposals to
  staff, enter:

       chgrp  staff  proposals

  The group access permissions for proposals now apply to staff.  See chmod
  for details.


	    Contains group information.


  Commands:  chmod(1), chown(1), groups(1).

  Functions:  chmod(2), chown(2).