cdc(1)								       cdc(1)

  cdc - Changes the comments in a Source Code Control System (SCCS) delta


  cdc -rSID [-m][MRlist] [-y][comment] file ...

  cdc -rSID -mMRlist -ycomment -

  The cdc command changes the Modification Requests (MRs) and comments for
  the SID specified by the -r flag for each named Source Code Control System
  (SCCS) file.


      Supplies a list of MR numbers for cdc to add or delete in the SID
      specified by the -r flag.	 You can use this flag only if the file has
      the v header flag set (see the admin command).  A null MR list has no
      In MRlist, MRs are separated by spaces, tab characters, or both.	To
      delete an MR, precede the MR number with an ! (exclamation point).  If
      the MR you want to delete is currently in the list of MRs, it is
      changed into a comment line.  cdc places a list of all deleted MRs in
      the comment section of the delta and precedes them with a comment line,
      indicating that the following MRs were deleted.
      If you do not specify the -m flag, and the v header flag is set, MRs
      are read from standard input.  If standard input is a terminal, cdc
      prompts you for the MRs. The first newline character not preceded by a
      \ (backslash) ends the list on the command line.	cdc continues to take
      input until it reads an End-of-File character or a blank line.  MRs are
      always read before comments (see the -y flag).  If the v flag has a
      value, cdc interprets the value as the name of a program that validates
      the MR numbers.  If the MR number validation program returns a nonzero
      exit value, cdc stops and does not change the MRs.

      Specifies the SCCS identification number of the delta for which cdc
      will change the comments or MRs.

      Specifies text to replace any comment already existing for the delta
      specified by the -r flag.	 cdc keeps the existing comments and precedes
      them by a comment line, stating that they were changed.  A null comment
      has no effect.
      If you do not specify -y, cdc reads comments from standard input until
      it reads an End-of-File character.  If the standard input is a termi-
      nal, cdc prompts for the comments and also allows a blank line to end
      input.  If the last character of a line is a \ (backslash), cdc ignores
      it and continues to read standard input.

  If cdc reads standard input for filenames (that is, when you specify a
  filename of - (dash)), you must use the -y and -m flags.


  If you specify a directory name, cdc performs the requested actions on all
  SCCS files in that directory (that is, all files with names that have the
  s. prefix).  If you specify a - (dash) in place of file, cdc reads standard
  input and interprets each line as the name of an SCCS file.  For more
  information on SCCS, see the Programming Support Tools.

  You can change the comments and MRs for an SID only if you made the SID or
  you own the file and the directory.  For more information on the permis-
  sions needed to change SCCS files, see the get command.


  To change the comment for SID 1.3 of SCCS file s.test.c to new comment,

       cdc -r1.3 -y"new comment" s.test.c

  For information about exit values, see the FLAGS section.


  Commands:  admin(1), comb(1), delta(1), get(1), prs(1), rmdel(1), sact(1),
  sccsdiff(1), sccshelp(1), unget(1), val(1), what(1).

  Files:  sccsfile(4).

  Programming Support Tools