How to run the gbind program
How to run the gbind program.......... How to plot the results........ Visual Fit
simply by typing  gbind
    there will be a question where you should specify
    the parameters: 
    The first must be an odd number, large enough   ( 801 )
    The second should give you the range of R between 
    10 and 20 or more. This must be at least 0.02 for 1s 
    and 0.035 when n=2 states present: suggestion: 803 0.03 

Example session

msiw31:>  gbind
     Calculates Radial Matrix Elements
     of Coulomb interaction
     Mesh data: number, increment, odd number
     801 0.03
     ni li nf lf 
     1 0 1 0 0 
You should produce all the possible (6) functions. (These are limited by the triangular condition for angular momenta)
If you enter a wrong combination, you will receive:
ni li nf lf L
2 1 2 1 1
UNSUPPORTED COMBINATION:    2    1    2    1    1
 How to plot the results