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A SURVEY OF THE PURPOSE OF ALL THE EXERCISES GENERAL FORMALISM AND READING THEORY: Time Dependent Formalism Equations.html Definition of Cross Section cross.html Text on Atomic Collisions PurpExper.html THEORY: G-functions gfun.html THE RESULTS: explanations to task 2 and 3 THE RESULTS: explanations to task 4 (imprunge)


Special Commands used in the course(IMPORTANT) About the Editor xeditUsage: xed filename About the Editor neditUsage: ned filename NEDIT (ned) is a more modern editor How to work on this computer ArtHowto.html Some Unix Commands unix5min.html The Plotting Program GNUPLOT gnu1.html TASKS

General Description of all the Tasks AllTasks.html TASK 1: G-functions Task 1: G-functions task1DESC.html Purpose of this task ArtHowto.html Instructions, Task 1 Instr1.html Use of plot in Task 1 HowGnu1.html Fitting with Gnuplot GnuFit1.html THEORY: G-functions gfun.html SOURCE FORTRAN for gbind gbind.html Hints (Updated) Practical1.html

TASK 2: R-dependence, Model correlation diagrams

Instructions for Task 2 Instr2.html Purpose PurpTDSE-S.html Description of task 2 and 3 task23DESC.html Real Correlation Diagram Plotting in task 2 HowGnu2.html input file values.html SOURCE FORTRAN for sjacob.f sjacob.html Theory for tasks 2 and 3TheorRunge.html Hints Practical2.html

TASK 3: Time dependent model

Description of task 2 and 3 task23DESC.html Plotting in task 3 HowGnu3.html Purpose PurpTDSE-T.html Instructions for Task 3 Instr3.htm SOURCE FORTRAN for runge.f runge.html Theory for tasks 2 and 3TheorRunge.html input file values.html Hints Practical3.html

TASK 4: Impact parameter dependence

Instructions for Task 4 Instr4.html Description, Task 4 task4DESC.html FORTRAN SOURCE imprunge.f imprunge.html Picture of the collision CollisionPict.html Porpose of Task 4 PurpImpac.html input file values.html Plotting in this task HowGnu4.html Hints Practical4.html


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