How to use gnuplot, task Gfun (HowGnu1)
        G N U P L O T
        unix version 3.5 
        ..... etc .....
Terminal type set to 'x11'

gnuplot> plot "b1s1s"
gnuplot> set xrange [ 1:12]
gnuplot> replot
gnuplot> plot "b1s1s" with lines, "b2s1s" wi linespoints
gnuplot> quit

 Visual fit:  Fitting the shape 

To copy the existing picture to a PostScript file:

To produce a postscript file:
gnuplot> set terminal postscript eps monochrome "Courier"  18
gnuplot> set output "fiename.eps"  # otherwise writes the postscript into the screen
gnuplot> set size 1.8,1       # for plots which have a long x-axis
gnuplot> replot
gnuplot> set terminal x11     # closes fiename.eps and comes back to X11
gnuplot>  replot
 General Gnuplot 
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  Functions in Gnuplot (and Fit)