Introduction to our prepared LaTeX document, which allows it to import gnuplot pictures.

THIS IS UNDER REVISION !!!! August 22 1996

Look into the file (link)
About report PurpReport.html
where this is explained

Here follows a command which produces a whole report Here in Bergen this is the correct address mkdir repdemo cd repdemo cp /heim/ladi/ATOMladi/NORDPL/KURS/SOURCE/DemoReport.tex DemoReport.tex cp /heim/ladi/ATOMladi/NORDPL/KURS/SOURCE/data1s1s data1s1s cp /heim/ladi/ATOMladi/NORDPL/KURS/SOURCE/data1s2s data1s2s cp /heim/ladi/ATOMladi/NORDPL/KURS/SOURCE/data2s2s data2s2s cp /heim/ladi/ATOMladi/NORDPL/KURS/SOURCE/data1s2p data1s2p cp /heim/ladi/ATOMladi/NORDPL/KURS/SOURCE/data2s2p data2s2p cp /heim/ladi/ATOMladi/NORDPL/KURS/SOURCE/data2p2pA data2p2pA cp /heim/ladi/ATOMladi/NORDPL/KURS/SOURCE/data2p2pB data2p2pB gbind < data1s1s gbind < data1s2s gbind < data2s2s gbind < data1s2p gbind < data2s2p gbind < data2p2pA gbind < data2p2pB cp /heim/ladi/ATOMladi/NORDPL/KURS/SOURCE/gnu1s1s gnu1s1s cp /heim/ladi/ATOMladi/NORDPL/KURS/SOURCE/gnu1s2s gnu1s2s cp /heim/ladi/ATOMladi/NORDPL/KURS/SOURCE/gnu2s2s gnu2s2s cp /heim/ladi/ATOMladi/NORDPL/KURS/SOURCE/gnu1s2p gnu1s2p cp /heim/ladi/ATOMladi/NORDPL/KURS/SOURCE/gnu2s2p gnu2s2p cp /heim/ladi/ATOMladi/NORDPL/KURS/SOURCE/gnu2p2p gnu2p2p gnuplot < gnu1s1s gnuplot < gnu1s2s gnuplot < gnu2s2s gnuplot < gnu1s2p gnuplot < gnu2s2p gnuplot < gnu2p2p latex DemoReport.tex dvipsx DemoReport ghost