How to work (ArtHowto)

How to work

IMPORTANT:Special Commands used in this course
  1. Open a new window for commands (ask the instructor)
  2. Define your working directory and work window by:
       newdir petter task   (if your name is Petter		
		             task is e.g. gbind or task1)
       PLEASE, use the same petter (or hans) for all tasks
     in words: 
	the command newdir acceps two parameters
	it creates a new directory petter.task
	goes into this directory and opens new window
	named petter.task
	also, the file values is copied from the original
  3. xed diary     this opens the  editor 
     record here everything you do, by pasting 
     (ask the instructor), see the special commands below

  • Using xedit use xed !!!!
  • Using gnuplot
  • Basic Unix Commands
    Special Commands for this Course
    newdir   new directory    example:   newdir myname myTask
    kurs     documentation, Mosaic
    xed      editor    example:   xed filename
    neww     new window, special characters, size
    newd     new window, standard
    newgnu   new window    with running gnuplot
    runge    (course program)
    sjacob   (course program)
    imprunge (course program)