Computer graphics for arkeologi

Computer graphics for archeology

Motivation   : Development of software for connecting maps and objects
Financing    : Norges forskningsråd, 1993, KAJA prosjekter 1994
Institution  : Bryggens Museum
             : Department of Physics
             : Historical Museum
             : Center for Computing in the Humanities

Authors: Ladislav Kocbach, Murat Fatih Kiziltan : Atomic Physics

Norsk utgave: Her

Start screen of the Map-manager program shows the authors


A map for organization of archeological data and function menu


The system of programms (under MS-DOS)

The system under development is based on a handscanner,
or import of other reasonably obtained bitmap images. Today it
contains the following components:

     1. a system of batch-files which organises the work enviroment
     2. an interface to the handscanner program
     3. map-organising program
     4. Program used to assosiate data with the position on the map 
     5. Prototypes of user applications. With 3-dimensjonale projections,
        overlaying of several maps, coupling of photos to position etc.

The project continues in 1994 with several supports.
The main stress is now put on integration of the existing databas
in the new system.