Xanim: Computer Graphics Atomic

The Xanim under X-windows

Tilbake Norsk Utgave: her

The Quantities displayed

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Snapshot of the controls and one frame of Animation

Sun Xview system


This program exists in many versions
     1. xview on Sun workstations (X-windows)
     2. Motif on most workstations (IBM/RISC6000,
                   Silicon Graphics, HP-9000, o.s.v. )
     3. IBM-PC compatibles
     4. Apple Macintosh

All programs use the same file format, developed
in this project. The smaller machines can use only
shorter files, but the limitations are caused mostly by
pecularities of the operating systems and probably
be removed.

We have also made videorecordings of the animations and
demonstration diskets. It is already possible to fetch
a PC or Macintosh demonstration packages via FTP, but
our home-made ftp server idoes not behave properly.
As soon as possible, we are trying to make these
files available through the ftp-server of University of Bergen.


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