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List of publications, reports and software 1970-1996

The main part (Part A) of this list contains all the papers published in international Journals. In addition a few other texts are added, but only in cases where they contain information which has not been published otherwise, and the paper has been quoted by other authors or in other ways has proven to be of a certain importance. Some preprints and other notes without such special importance are collected in Part C. Abstracts of conference contributions, national annual meetings contributions and similar texts are not listed, unless they fell into the groups described above. There is also added a list some educational and visualisation computer programs programs developed by the author. Some of them are described in the papers 46 and 48.

The organization of the list:

A. Research Papers
B. General interest papers.
C. Work presented as Reports and Notes.
D. Work in Progress / Reports and Notes.
E. List of Major Invited Talks and Lectures.
F. Selected Educational and Visualisation Software

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