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Personal data.

Ladislav Kocbach, born 28.12.1946 in Prague, Czechoslovakia

Dr. philos., 1977, University of Bergen
Diploma in Physics, 1968, Charles University, Prague
Pedagogical Seminar (Teacher-training 1 semester course) University of Bergen, 1978

Positions held:

 Aug. 1968 - Oct. 1969	  Research Assistant,  Rez by Prague 
 Oct. 1969 - Jun. 1972	  Research Assistant, Bergen  
 Jun. 1972 - Aug. 1975	  Scient. Assistant, Bergen  
 Sep. 1975 - Aug. 1976	  Lecturer (temporary),  Bergen  
 Sep. 1976 - Aug. 1977	  Lecturer (temprary),   Aarhus, Denmark  
 Sep. 1977 - Sep. 1979	  Scient. Assistant, Bergen  
 Sep. 1979 - Aug. 1982	  Research Associate, Freiburg, Germany 
 Sep. 1982 - Nov. 1983 	  NORDITA guest ass. professor,   Aarhus, Denmark  
 Dec. 1983		  	Lecturer (temp.), Aarhus, Denmark  
 Jan. 1984 - Dec. 1984	  NAVF Research fellow, Bergen  
 Jan. 1985 - Jun. 1985	  NAVF Research fellow, Bergen  
 Jul. 1985 - Aug. 1988	  NAVF senior research fellow, Bergen  
 Aug 1988 -  May. 1993	  Associate Professor (forsteamanuensis) Bergen  						
 May. 1993 -	          Professor, Bergen

Other data: Married, 2 children, Jan (1972), Anette (1975)

Norwegian Citizen since 1976


Norwegian Physical Society since 1972
European Physical Society since 1974
Union of CS Mathematicians and Physicists, Section Physics, since 1990

Research Fields and Other Interests:

Theoretical Nuclear Physics ( -1973), Nuclear Models, Shell Model, Collective vibrations and rotations, reaction theory
Theoretical Atomic Physics (1972-) Collision theory, Ionization, Electron Transfer, Relativistic Effects, computation
Interplay of Nuclear and Atomic Phenomena (in collisions and decays)
Interpretations of quantum mechanics ( Problems of measurement, coherence, macroscopic manifestations)
Computational Physics: Use of computer algebra for developement of numerical models, use of computer graphics for visualisation
General Nonlinear Systems (e.g. Neural networks)
Applications of computers in teaching and visualization

Teaching: Courses and Lectures

1. Various lectures on Group theory in Physics, Scattering Theory, Collective Nuclear Models etc. 1970-71 ( seminars on nuclear Physics) 2. Various courses as scientific assistent (vitenskapelig assistent) 1972-79 ( Exercises in Introductury Modern Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Introductory Laboratory Course in Optics etc) 3. Quantum Mechanics (Fk 21) 1975-76 4. Introduction to Theoretical Physics ( Theoretische Physik I, II), Freiburg, Quantenmechanik, Freiburg, 1979-82 ( Exercises ) 5. Quantum mechanics ( F-201) Bergen 1987 (spring) Quantum mechanics ( F-201) Bergen 1992 (spring) 6. Introduction to Solid State Physics (F-288 / F-208) 1989-1995 (spring) 7. Introduction to Atomic Physics and Quantum Optics (F-287/F-281) (1987-1995) autumn, 508. Selected topics in Theoretical Atomic Physics (F-381, cand.scient course) (1984-1992, as needed for cand.scient. students) 9. Microprocessors (F-291/FI-203) 1988-1994 (Laboratory Course)

Excursions/Video Productions

Several times per semester (schools, schoolteachers, etc). Videotapes on visualization of atomic collisions and Basic concepts on neural networks


1991 (December) Computational Atomic Physics

1993 (March) : Computational Atomic Physics

Other teaching experience

Teaching in School ( 8th and 9th grade, "Ungdomsskole"): during the Teacher-training Course, practical part (6 weeks, 1978, University of Bergen)


Group leader of Atomic Physics Group 1988-1994
EC - SCIENCE program 1989-92, Bergen part
NORDPLUS collaboration 1991-93
NAVF projects ( Theory of Atomic Collisions, Geometrical Aspects of Atomic Collisions, post-doctor fellowship of J.P. Hansen, 1986-93)
Supervision of IASTE trainees ( T. Hejl, 1991; G. Lipi, 1992)
Supervision of M.F. Kiziltan's projects; Project coordinator (1993-95): Joint project with Bryggen Museum: Developement of Computer Graphics Based Tools for Treatment of Archeological Data
Head of the Theory Section, Depertment of Physics, Bergen (1996-1998)


Organization of Conferences:

Local Committee: Nordic Spring Symposium on Atomic Inner Shell Processes, Geilo, Norway April 17-21, 1978

Organization Committee: Semiclassical Descriptions of Atomic and Nuclear Collisions, Niels Bohr Centennial Conferences 1985, Copenhagen, Denmark, March25-28, 1985

Local Committee: Nordic Symposium on Physics of Atomic Collisions Finse, Norway May 8-11, 1989

Nordplus Student Conference, Voss, Norway 1992 ( with J.P. Hansen and L. Csernai)

Participation in Conferences:

X-rays, Helsinki 1974 (1)

Inner Shell, Freiburg 1976 (1) ICPEAC (1977 Paris (3), 1979 Kyoto, 1981 Tennessee(3), 1983 Berlin (2), 1987 Brighton (1), 1989 New York (1), 1993 Aarhus(1)) Linz Workshops ( invited talks ) Debrecen Workshops

Group Meetings Energireiche Atomare Stösse, Oberstdorf, Germany

Group Meetings, SCIENCE (Sandbjerg, Paris)

Group Meetings, NorFA (Uppsala, Stockholm)


1991 (December) Computational Atomic Physics

1993 (March) : Computational Atomic Physics

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