New version of this program

Project work Fys-292

By Irina Otdelnova

Visualization of hydrogen-like orbitals for atomic physics using MATLAB

Problem definition

The task of the program is to visualize wave function for hydrogen-like atoms. The program creates two windows - one with interactive controls for the program and another one - for the figure of the wavefunction itself. In the control window it's possible to change: range of plotting, the quantum numbers n and l, and also switch between plotting R(r) and r*R(r). The 'exit' button is also present.

The programme is using the Symbolic Toolbox and the wavefunctions are present as analytical expressions. These may be extracted by a user, if necessary, as can be found in the listing.



Program listing: Part 1: User Interface

Program listing: Part 2: Analytic Evaluation of the Wavefunctions


Instructions for the user

The programme is written in Matlab and can be used only from the Matlab command. The user must have available the routines as listed above:

visn.m updatel.m updaten.m updater.m  
radhyd.m df.m normh.m radhyd0.m lagguere.m  

Running Matlab on any computer which has available the Symbolic Toolbox, the user starts by typing


Two windows appear, one is the control window, the other will later show the wavefunction.

The mode of plotting is controled by the selfinstructing names of the control elements.

The control window looks like this, before any action is applied

During the execution of the program:

If the user is interested in the symbolic form of the wavefunction, it can be obtained by typing


in the Matlab command window anywhere during the execution of the program.