Image Player In Netscape Browswer

This figure shows the Image player written by M. Holecko. This is nearly ideal for the use in physics animations.All the necessary options are included. There is also no need for specific file format. Any type of sequence of images which the www browser can show can be used (JPEG, GIF, bitmaps).

MPEG player for unix - Free Software

This is a screen capture from the workstation window, showing the GNU distribution mpg_play program. This program can also be used

for physics animations, but has some limitations. It can move by steps, but the speed cannot be altered.

MPEG player for unix - Shareware and commercial

This figure shows the mtv_player for Unix workstation This program is a shareware, for a very modest ammount one can keep the program for personal use. This is a very useful tool for the use in physics animations.Nearly all the necessary options are included.

MPEG player for MS Windows (3.x and 95)

This figure a very simple public domain MPEG player for personal computer This program is free and can be downloaded from the software archives. This program can be used as a tool for physics animations.It has most of the necessary options are include, is small and easy to use and install. The control menu is opened on the figure, and it shows that one can step through the movie strip by using socalled hotkeys. It can step by one frame.

MPEG player Windows 95, distributed free with new computers

This figure shows a movie player for sound and video. This particular program comes as standard with computers equiped with one special video card (of the brand ATI). All new personal computers would have at least a bare version of a similar programme. This software is designed for digital video viewing and is not suitable for such use which is discussed here.