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NEWS about FYS 287: Where What When

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Latest Change: 16.09.97
The course started Monday August 25th 1997, at 12.15

We started with comments on the curriculum and start talking about the history and future of AMOS

About the Importance of AMOS:
(our short version)
Link to the AMOS Report, US

The topics covered

  1. One electron atoms (from Q.M. Courses...)
  2. Atomic Units: and typical quantities (A very simple Lecture Note)
  3. Helium atom and two electron atoms
    1. The role of symmetry (SPIN)
    2. Independent particle model
    3. Evaluation of the repulsion Matrix element
    4. Evaluation of the repulsion Matrix element
       Atomic Collisions
        a. The concept of the Cross Section 
           built on simple presentation of POTENTIAL SCATTERING        
           Greens function - Born Approximation: 
        b. Electron Collisions, using Born Approximation
           ( how is the potential scattering formula for cross section 
             modified for  elastic scattering pf electrons from a
             hydrogen atom - formally similar to the 2 electron atoms)
            ( and how this is then modified to include the possibility of 
             excitation, i.e. change of STATE OF THE ATOMIC ELECTRON )
        c.  Atomic (massive projectiles)
            Often the classical trajectory method is used
            Time dependent Schrodinger Equation  for H = H0 + V(t)
            where V(t) = V(R(t))  ->  R(t) is the classical trajectory

    An interesting link: Physics constants
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    Latest Change: 16.09.97