Slides from introductory lecture

Lecture 19.01.99, note

Lecture 25.01.99: Vibrating Strings

      1-dimensional chain of oscillators (gif-file)

      another note on 1-dim chain (gif-file)

      Summary of 1-dim chain (gif-file)

      Density of modes for 1-dim chain

Lecture 26.01.99: Vibrating Strings - 2 masses

      Two-atomic chain. (gif-file)

      Two-atomic chain - with Omega. (gif-file)

      Density of modes (photo of text) (gif-file)

      Density of modes (small) (gif-file)

      Density of modes (gif-file)

      comment on 'mass' (gif-file)

Lecture 01.02.99: Computer and Band Matrices, Harmonic Oscillator Alebraic.

Lecture 02.02.99: Phonons, Boltzmann, Einstein

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