Background: Boltzmann factor (see note)
      Einstein model for heat capacity (2 notes)
      Debye model (see note)
      Copy from Kittel (review of Debye temperatures)
      (5 sheets of notes)

      Debye model
      Phonons again
      Heat conductivity
         Fourier Law (heat curent)
         Elementary transport/kinetic theory
         Expression for heat conductivity

         Phonon transport (scattering of phonons)
             (harmonic phonon -> plane wave, infinite)
         Anharmonic effects
         Umklapp processes (see the movies)
      Group velocity 
      Temperature dependence of phonon heat conductivity
           (see the text)
      Relation el * sigma * rho = 1     

$$\rho \ \sigma \ \ell =1 $$


       Drude's model
       Starting the Fermi Gas Model


       About Slater determinant: The wavefunction type
          for independent fermions

       Fermi energy, fermi momentum
       Fermi temperatur. 
       Note: Density of states in a box, with Fermi quantities

      Fermi Gas Model closing
      Evaluation of Heat Capacity, Fermi Gas Model
      Note: 4 pages of notes on this subject
            (copied on 2 sheets)
      Last part of Heat Capacity, Fermi Gas Model
      More on Sommerfeld's model, heat conductivity
      (2 great errors in Drude's model cancel each other)

      Band theory: LCAO-type model - tight binding model

      Bloch States: theorems

      Starting the Fourier Method for Bloch states. 
      (note in postscript)


     Fourier method
     Explaining the number of states, how they couple
     Rearranging band matrices
     for every k from the 1. Brillouin zone there
     is a set of solutions (and how they are related to the
     other zones)

     More aspects of the band theory
     The repeated zone schemes
     Relation between Bloch, Fourier, LCAO and
     the 'zero potential limit' picture

      Computer experiments
      More on LCAO. 3-dimensional bands
      Semiclassical Dynamics
      or transport properties on lattice

     Transport properties on lattice 
     Metals. Fermi surface
     Metals. Fermi surface
     Matthiesens Rule (is in Ashcroft, also Kittel)
     Metals are polycrystals