Matlab in Physics Teaching

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KEYWORDS: Matlab, Physics, Education, Quantum Mechanics, Command Interpreter
This page is a link page to my various applications of Matlab to teaching.

Dirac Notation Interpreter   This allows to use Dirac bra-ket notation in matrix and operator calculations. Constructed for matlab 4, runs under matlab 5 and 6. Many useful string operations and interpretor written in MAtlab itself.   Hydrogenic Wavefunctions tool (using symbolic toolbox). At present the text is in Norwegian, but all the documentation is in English. For some explanations the older version (Matlab 4) can be consulted.     Old version of Hydrogenic Wavefunctions tool  Fermi Golden Rule Simulator. Teaching Quantum Mechanics (see also the Picture Book about the Golden Rule Simulator.    Demonstrasjoner brukt foredraget ved
Seminar om bruk av matematisk programvare, Porsgrunn (norsk) Demonstrations of use of Matlab.
The text is in Norwegian, new version (English) is planned.

This link page set up october 2001
Another intuitive teaching idea: Added February 2006: you might be interested in this "science game"
You are asked there to guess an outcome of a game, which is a natural law in disguise.
(This little test of intuition linked originally in January 2006)