gtool utility

When you plot the files, you must all the time type

plot "filename", "filename_2"

etc., etc....

This tool simplifies this work.

When you type
you get two windows: one with a gnuplot command, one, the larger, with the gnuplot_tool, this utility.

gnuplot_tool writes all the commands into a file. You can examine it, it is called ggt. This is automatically created by gnuplot_tool and rewritten all the time.

Important: Initialize Gnuplot

This you do by typing into the gnuplot window

load "hh"

It then loads itself infinitely, every time you hit return The first time, a wave picture comes in the gnuplot graphical window.

> It often happens that there is a wrong datafile or other problem. Gnuplot stops, gnuplot> appears. You restart by load "hh". Remember: Nothing happens unless you hit return in the gnuplot window.

Export graph as encapsulated postscript

as a command, enter:
     p  Drawing
where drawing is the name you give to the graph. It will be saved as a file