Atomic Movies Demonstration

How to use the animator
Run the demonstration (about 120 kBytes data)
Run two animations in one window (about 240 kBytes data) (Best on newer machines and larger screens, minimum 800 pixels wide). If you use Microsoft Exploder, please read the tips, part about two animations in one frame.
Explanation of the Atomic Movies
Some tips for collision physicists
Article by Mette Machholm and Christine Courbin who used the movies in research

Entry point of the normal presentation of Machholm's and Courbin's calculations

Irina Otdelnova, L. Kocbach, present setup
Mette Machholm and Christine Courbin, Wavefunction Calculations
Martin Holecko, The javascript animator used in the linked animations (Prague)
Ladislav Kocbach, The present modification of Holecko's animator, and for the Atomic movies the original animator for X-windows, Mac and DOS (Bergen)

jsImagePlayer 1.0 (C) 1996 by Martin Holecko of Computer Graphics Group September 1996, PRAHA, Czech Republic  Image Player modified by L. Kocbach.